V1-45 Stirling Engine Model Educational Discovery Toy Kit Collection Gift

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Update: 2018-05-15
US$ 399.00
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Details and Price V1-45 Stirling Engine Model Educational Discovery Toy Kit Collection Gift

Item Name: Flame engine    
2017 new, new design, v1 single cylinder 45 degree structure with 304 stainless steel cylinder with aluminum alloy heat sink, drawing on the motorcycle engine, on the rocker single camshaft roof SOHC with gas structure, excellent design. Forced air cooling design, fan optimization cooling, exquisite beauty. Engine and rack split, the use of automotive engine test stand rack design. The overall engine with no-lift maintenance, cylinder piston oil dripping, compared to other dry lubrication, piston cylinder lubrication is excellent, to minimize wear and prolong the service life.
Technical Parameters:
Speed range: 300-2000 (continuous operation time is 2 hours)
Weight: Net weight 1.2KG
Body material: aluminum alloy anodized
Accessories Material: stainless steel, copper
Cylinder Material: 304 stainless steel
Flywheel material: brass, precision machining
Fuel: 95% alcohol (wick ignition position above the suction port)
Cooling method: forced air cooling
Lubrication method: drip lubrication (the provisions of the lubricating oil from the suction port with 0.5ml, start filling once, run 30 minutes to fill once)
Lubricant: mineral white oil, kinematic viscosity (50 ?), mm2 / s 6 ~ 10 GB / T265, also known as sewing machine oil.
Maintenance: remove the maintenance, with a syringe from the suction port filled with alcohol fluctuations in the flywheel cleaning cylinder after pouring, cleaning twice filling the oil can be (Note; heat machine can not clean the engine to avoid alcohol spray burn)
Packing including:

1x Flame engine